Me and Stuff

I’m a novice adult with a 22 year old son, a 23 year-old marriage, and 42 (about to be 43) years of insecurity. Hobbies include over-analyzing my behaviors, my appearance, my relationships, the reactions others have to all of these, and reading.

I have a lot of feelings. I enjoy cleavage and plan to continue to embrace my own until I no longer remember what it is. I struggle with body image, I’ve had work done.

I take far too many selfies according to many people (although I wasn’t aware of a limit…) The selfie taking occurs on the couch- mostly because I live on the couch or in my nest (aka my bed). It annoys people.


I love coffee, orchids, aerial yoga, Lovecraft, pop surreal and Low browse art, Stephen King, Horror, Bohemia, goth culture, high fashion, shoes, tattoos, makeup, a well organized closet (although mine is rarely any semblance of organized), pretending I know how to write, watching the men in my life see bands they love, cheering my husband at any show he plays, Sourpatch Kids, gin, cilantro, Chocolate, cake, movies, iced tea, Beck, and CORGIS!

I dislike those who look down on others, bitterness (my own included), working more than 50 hours a week, chewing sounds, my jaw popping, veiled criticism, meanness, being accused of having a lack of sincerity, those who possess that lack of sincerity, the smell of tar, whiskey, people who don’t signal, pop country music, and poodles (they’re like curly furred spiders).

My favorite poet is W.H. Auden. I’m an anglophile, but can’t stand Dr. Who.


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