Raising My Vibration and Stuff

There’s a reason for what is happening now and what we’ve seen happening for the past two years. Humankind is waking up. Our collective consciousness is changing and those of us who chose to be here during this time are being activated. We’re lightworkers and we’re here too try to bring peace to so many still ruled by fear and hate.

So far, so good.

I know, I know- here we go. Welcome to Batshitcrazytown, population Gen. Actually, population millions of us. For the past two years I’ve been tirelessly researching why I’ve felt like I’m battling something I can’t quite grasp. It all started when one of my best friends came to me struggling with a fear of the state of the world so great that I had to present an alternative to the terrifying conspiracy theories and predictions of doom.

I don’t believe we’re meant to be here to see the world end in a whimper, I never have. I’ve known since I was a child that I chose to be reincarnated for a reason. I spoke about past lives to my mother, even though we were strict Christians and didn’t believe in reincarnation. I talked about past life memories, dreams I had about other lives, and I still remember those dreams today better than what I had for dinner 2 nights ago.

It’s not every Thursday you come home to your wife telling you she met three of her spirit guides and one of your’s while flat ironing her hair.

I passed an article on to my friend about the ascension of human consciousness. About our awakening and the changes to our collective consciousness to come. She took it and ran with it and it helped. She found comfort and we started teaching and challenging each other. She’s my soul sister.

The concept is simple. By letting go of what no longer serves us, removing our ego, our fear, and embracing the loving parts of our nature we begin to “vibrate at a higher level”, which to me means we evolve into the loving, nurturing beings we were born to be. This happens during quiet reflection, meditation, exercise, yoga, and restful sleep. Yes, there’s some pretty “woo” stuff out there. Yes, many of us believe our brain chemistry and DNA is evolving due to an unconscious decision made in September of last year by our collective souls to accelerate our ascension. Yes, this is a dimensional shift. But, all the perceived sci-fi aside- my own research, my own awakening, my own change in vibration had cost me nothing. I’ve spent no money on my belief changes – I did buy a labradorite necklace (but that’s cuz it’s pretty).


I didn’t start practicing rituals. I didn’t start chanting. I didn’t join anything. I didn’t start praying to aliens. I didn’t do anything to negatively impact my family. I simply started down a path to enlightenment with someone I’ve spent other lifetimes with, someone who was supposed to find me in this lifetime.

I already considered myself a Buddhist and the choice to remove negativity, fear, and things that no longer serve my soul was simply an extension of what I currently believed. I just worked harder to do it. I added a new flavor to my daily practice.

Except I'm still addicted to Sourpatch kids and Dior

The only fallout has been the occasional eyeroll from my husband, yet he still reminds me when I say something unkind. I’ve had some amazing experiences, he’s listened to them with an open mind and given the reaction I would expect from a skeptic. I mean it’s not every Thursday you come home to your wife telling you she met three of her spirit guides and one of your’s while flat ironing her hair. I’ve certainly been fearful that one day I’d wake up to the men in white coats taking me to the looney bin, but he’s been patient and has listened. So far he hasn’t pronounced me a citizen of Batshitcrazytown, and he’s dyed in the wool atheist. I appreciate that.

Fear and hate are of the same low vibration.

So what’s my point here?

Those currently leading our country were put there by fear. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, I mean everyone. We are being forced to turn inward. To depend on ourselves for comfort. To turn to each other for comfort. This moment in history is crying out for love. Our souls are crying out for love. Fear and hate are of the same low vibration.

Think about it.

When you smile and laugh it feels good. When you hate and take part in violence it hurts. When you reach out with affection you feel whole. When you fear you’re left hollow. When you comfort others you feel warmth. When you’re jealous of others you feel empty and cold.

Think about what you’re feeling. Let’s take my last statement as an example. Does it ever feel good to be jealous of someone else? To be petty? Most people would say no, it makes you feel like you’re not worthy of emulating the person you’re jealous of, having what they have, or you just don’t want to be around them although they’ve done nothing to you. How do you think the person you’re jealous of feels? Even if they don’t know that you envy them or why you envy them they still feel that negativity being aimed directly at them. To those of us who are sensitive or have pronounced empathic abilities jealously feels like being enveloped by a dark cloud or being stabbed. It’s utterly confusing and causes unavoidable sense of anxiety. You don’t have to tell us you’re jealous (although it’s worse when you do), we know who its coming from and it hurts- especially when coming from someone we love. For anyone else- sensitive, empath or not it just feels low. It feels dark. It makes you inherently sad. I struggle with jealousy. I struggle with grandstanding and bragging. I often find myself letting go of envy that no longer serves me or saying to myself knock it off ego, you’re stepping on my higher self. Knowing I’m aiming that emotion at another or possibly inspiring it in others snaps me out of that behavior. Nutty? Maybe, but it works for me and I feel lighter, more calm, even happy for those I felt envious of. They have something I deem worthy of pursuit, I feel joy for their accomplishments or acquisitions. I do my dead level best to remove envy and just general showing off from my life. I’m not always successful, especially on social media. 9 times out of 10 I’m just really happy about something I experienced or did or bought, but others don’t always see it that way. I’m trying to be more mindful of how I position my content while not being insecure about what others think.

We needed a positive doggo here

You can actively practice removing fear and hate them your life, the emotions themselves and the speech caused by them by being more mindful of your actions, your thoughts, your postings on social media, your conversations with others. Yes, someone is always going to be offended by anything you say or do. Just be sure that what you put out into the world is based on love and understanding.

In all the turmoil I feel calm, in the darkness I feel peace.

I implore you to try. It can’t hurt, right? Raise your vibration, do as much as you can with love. Cast aside judgement and negativity. Stop being petty!

... not be petty?

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Many of us know some scary times are around the corner, but if you believe you were put on this earth to love others, to speak with love, to pass it on- that may bring you some comfort.

Sit quietly. Reflect. Meditate. Do some yoga. Get serious about self-care. Take a walk. Take a drive. Swim. Clean. Read. Turn off your phone. Hug someone. Keep your sex life healthy. Support your partner. Eat food that makes you happy and feel healthy (in my case including the occasional Sourpatch kid and Twix). Reward yourself. Compliment yourself and others with wild abandon. Remind those around you how much you love them. Give yourself a hug. Call your parents. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Hydrate. Curl up with a blanket on the couch and watch your favorite movie. Hug your dog or cat. Get a dog or cat. Wear what makes you comfortable. Give of yourself. Take selfies, take pictures with those you love, take pictures with strangers. Pick flowers. Go on a hike. Light a candle. Detox from the media. Listen to music. Drink tea. Swing around upside down and call yourself a unicorn! Be joyful, show it, shout it, live it. Smile and laugh if you want and stop caring if or when others judge you.

Doing a lot of yoga helps... as does selfies.

I’m still working on me, working on raising my vibration, working toward my own ascension. Although I had a profound breakthrough on August 8th and 9th, I’m still fighting through some darkness and fear and ego – but I can feel and see the light at the end of the tunnel. In all the turmoil I feel calm, in the darkness I feel peace. I’m not throwing caution to the wind, I’m not hiding my head in the sand – but I’ll take optimism over terror, love over hate any day.

I believe in us. We’re awake.

We are magic. Own that shit.


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