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This is a picture of strong, supportive women!

Sometimes what women say to and about each other makes me cringe. Actually, most of the time. Often we as women work against each other. We quell shit talk with more shit talk. We shame each other for not supporting other women. We rarely lift each other up. We tend to be our own worst enemies. It seems we prefer to watch each other fail.
Case in point. I’ve been raw about a friend telling another friend (in not so many words) that my weight loss surgery was basically ‘taking the easy way out.’ It was infuriating! I worked hard, ate right, tried to improve my relationship with food, but while I’m literally working my butt off this bitter person went around saying it was easy. Then I realized something- I SAID IT FIRST! I put myself down in front of the same two friends by saying I ‘took the easy way out.’ I downgraded my achievement to cheating. She was simply repeating what I said first. Self sabotage at it’s finest. My friend wasn’t bitter, she wasn’t jealous, she was being agreeable and I shouldn’t have said something so hurtful about myself in the first place.
It’s not enough that we snipe each other, no we up the ante by calling ourselves out for any and every fault we can find.
Each time you hear another woman put you down, remember she’s done the same to herself and probably ten times worse that day. When you’re on the receiving end of side-eye, remember the woman throwing that hate probably looked at herself the same way this morning before she left the house. When a girlfriend criticizes your parenting skills, be mindful that she’s probably second guessing herself all day when dealing with her own children.
Let’s encourage each other. Compliment each other. Celebrate wins  together.
Wouldn’t that be easier?


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